Monday, June 1, 2015

Fun at the Beach :-)

Its starting to get pretty cold here, not as cold as it was this time last year. 
Benji all graduated and junk, sounds good haha. This week was good, nothing really exciting. 
We are still teaching Virginia and re activating her son. He is without his rights for now but we talked with the bishop and he said that her son should be able to baptize her in about two weeks if he keeps on progressing. Which is perfect, the end of the change. So we will re activate him and baptize his mom. They both came to church this sunday which was fantastic, this is by far the biggest ward that I have ever seen in Uruguay. We had 150 members in church yesterday. Well really 156 because we are the ones who count the attendence. But that´s huge, compared to 33 or Bella Italia where we were struggling to get 30 or 40. 
This week I also did some divisions with one of our District Leaders, Elder Cervanted from Peru. So many elders from Peru. But he´s good, his district is struggling alittle so we had a little talk to see what we could do to help them out. The mission president is asking that we work more with the ward and stake leaders, which is easier said than done. In orem yeah you can walk to stake presidents house in about half an hour from anywhere in the stake, we can´t even get to the bishops house in half an hour. The stake president lives in Minas, I worked there a while back, (about a year) and its about an hours drive away. But we have to, we´ll probably go this thursday, stay the night in Minas and then go to the leadership council the next day in Montevideo. We´ve been trying to focus on working more with the members, but its hard. We´re seeing results yeah, but it´s slow work. It will result in better baptisms and better converts, but sometimes its frustrating to see how slow the members work with us. Ah I almost forgot, saturday night the young mens president invited us to share a message about the restauracion to the gurises (kids) but he said to make it "different" try to get the kids excited to go and serve a mission. We couldn´t really think of anythin really new but suddenly, bling, like a light bulb, a new idea--fun how that happens... 

I bought some foot cream this week too. paaaaaaaa expensive. haha but oh well.

Yesh, I would like thems leaves, maybe if you can, send some scouting patches too. 

Elder Webber

Heres a photos of most of the elders in the zone last week at the beach. These are our karate poses. 

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