Sunday, June 28, 2015

Busy, Busy...

pero paaaaa. 

haha yeah sorry about last week, I was traveling all day p-day and we didn´t have time to come in to do emails. Well I got two weeks to email about so lemme get started. 

So yeah, last week was change week, I´m staying here with my companion. I was kinda hoping for someone new but whatever. But Elder Leavitt, a missionary from Orem was leaving this change, so he wanted to go back and visit one of his area, Bella Italia, and he invited me to go with him because his companion didn´t want to go and I had served there before. OK! Even though when I said goodbye to that place I was pretty sure that I would never come back. But we went back and saw some of the people that he baptized and some of mine too. OHhhh it was nice to see some of those members again. It seems like it was just yesterday I was there training my son. I still knew all the streets and everything. Weird experience, really made me think how fast the time goes by. So that´s where I all last p-day so I couldn´t write home. The next day was changes, its always good to see the old companions and what not. It was an especially sad meeting because Elder England and Elder Ashcraft both finished their missions. Two really good friends and companions of mine. Not a whole lot changed here in the zone. We have two new district leaders here, so we´re looking forward to training them in their duties, but we are really excited and so far the zone is working really well together. During this week I got a call from the ward secretary asking if I could give a talk next sunday, so I was pretty excited but then when I got to church he asked me if I could change it to that same day. Uhhhhhh yeah I only have half of a talk but ok. so I got home and I´m not gunna lie, probably my best one yet, I didn´t stutter with any of the spanish words and got my message accross pretty well. Mission prep. The bishop came up and said thanks and said that´s how a talk should be given. Made me feel pretty good about myself. Virginia came to church, she is doing so well with her cigarretes. From two packets to two cigarretes but it looks like she´s getting stuck on that number. We´ve tried preisthood blessings and plans and replacements. We´re almost out of Ideas. She has a super testimony of the book of mormon, "can´t put it down" she always says. She also shares the gospel a ton with her neighbors, and thanks to her we found a great new investigator to teach. We went and visited her friend who said she wanted to come to church with Virginia and we were talking about eternal families because about 3 months ago her husband died. Ahh the spirit was so strong. She started crying and then we sang, Asombro me da. orrrr I think its called I stand all amazed. And she cried some more. Accepted a baptismal date and everything. 

Some other stories from this week, we were doing some visits with the new elders quorom pres. in his car, one of the few members who has a car, and we pull up to a less actives car and accidently his the less active´s dog, the less active saw it and everything, so the elders quorom pres says, "Did we just hit that dog? Well we´re out of here." and sped off and parked around the corner and walked to teach the less active so he wouldn´t know it was us. hahaha. The dog was ok. 

There is sister in the ward who loves missionaries because he son is serving in chile right now and so she always gives us food. One day, I dont know what was going on, but alllll the members were giving us food. and then she invited us to go over and have some soup because it was freezing cold. As we walked into her house I told my comanion in english that I was already full but I had to eat. So I ate. Then she brought out a banana smoothy. I had to eat it, its been too long since I had a banana smoothy. I ate so much I was feeling really sick, so sick that I asked to be excused and went outside and threw up. ahhhhh and they all saw me. I felt really bad because the sister lives in really humble circumstances and really sacrifices alot to give us food. So the next day I made her some snickerdoodles and took them over with a little note saying sorry from vomiting your food. It was really delicious. 

That´s about it for now. I dont know if there were any questions that I missed or anything like that. But thanks for money! 

Elder Webber

photos of the fingers! 

and this is sister Mari. The sister whos food I threw up. 

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