Sunday, July 5, 2015

Multi-Zone Conference....

 This week was pretty normal, I wasn´t really taking any mental notes of things to write home about so I dont have a whole lot to say. This week we did have a multi-zone conference here with our zone (Maldonado), rocha, and Minas. So I got to see my son again. That was nice. It was the conference where everything almost went wrong. From the beggining. no offense, but my companion is pretty dumb when it comes to logistics and organization so that didn´t help. 
Because we were hosting the conference here in our zone we were in charge of a few things, the main being lunches for everybody. The offices sent 9600 pesos to my account, about 500 dollars, to buy lunches. So we did the giant burgers called tortugones again. good stuff. We also had to invite 10 members to come and participate, to be practice investigators for us. President was pretty clear that it had to be 10. The conference was friday and we woke up early to go set up chairs and tables and put up signs and everything. We went to the store and bought a bunch of drinks, bananana, plastic cups and all that good junk. About 10 minutes before the conference starts, president gets there and the microphone stops working, great, so I´m trying to figure that out and we got it going just in time to start on time. The 10 members were supposed to arrive at 1030, an hour after the conference started, we went to go see how many members were waiting in our designated waiting room about 15 minutes before 1030, and there were two. But right as we were about to start the practices the other eight showed up. yessssss. Then lunch time and the burgers still hadn´t come, right on time the burger guy shows up but he only has half of the burgers, so he drops off those and heads back to go get the other burgers. The line of missionaries comes through and they all grab their burgers and right when we ran out of burgers, the burger guy shows up again. Nice, and what did he have? Extra burgers, for the members who stayed, (they weren´t supposed to stay but they did anyways) in the end, everything turned out perfect. It was really stressful but successful. 
President was pleased and he said that it was the most punctual multi-zone conference that he had been too. Woohooo. We spent the week worrying about that really. 
But we did see something pretty special. There is a member here who´s son got in a motorbike crash and the doctors said he was basically going to die. He´s getting alot better, but now they say that they will probably have to cut off his leg. Anyways, the member (the mom of the accident man) was praying and asking what God wanted her to do, she said that while she was praying she got the impression that she needed to work more in missionary work, well the next thing we know she is in church with her friend and her grandson and they were all crying in our gospel principles class that my companion and I teach. Why can´t all the members be like that? Its so much easier. That´s what we´re trying to get them all to do now. 

I think that´s it for now. 

Elder Webber

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