Monday, July 13, 2015

A "Noche Blanca"

This week went by pretty fast, with our new ward mission leader here things are really picking up. Pablo Sanchez. He´s just got a contagious energy about him, "the tsunami is coming, tsunami of baptisms" haha that´s what he is always saying. This week me and my companion set some goals to try to be more spiritual and listen to the promptings of the spirit more. We found some pretty legit pass along cards in the church the other day and we´re just going crazy with them, they have a big painting of Jesus on the front, so we do our contact and we usually get denied but then we pull out the cards with Jesus and the people feel bad denying a card with Jesus so they have to stop and listen, and that´s when we strike. We really just spent this week talking to EVERYBODY we possibly could; stopping people on bikes, the people on the streets, the people hanging up their laundry outside (ok, those ones really didn´t want anything). Its been a good week. One night we were pressed for time and so we couldn´t talk to everybody and we walked passed a lady and her kid and the kid was singing some evangical song about Jesus, we walked maybe thirty steps down the road and then, almost simulteaniously we turned and said "we need to talk to them" She didn´t want anything, but her sister did! haha Oh the spirit is good like that. We fasted as a missionary force this week to find more people to teach and that those who we had would progress. Oh the power of prayer and fasting. Let me try to explain. First off, Virginia finally did her first day without smoking, we almost doubled the amount of progressing investigators in the zone, reached the goal of total attendence in the sacrement meeting, and we are retaining almost double the percentage of the mission average right now when it comes to recent converts. The mission is pretty legit. If Virginia stays strong we are thinking of baptizing her not this sunday, but the next one. We are planning on doing a "noche Blanca" where we all plan the baptisms for the same day. Its going to be good. I think that´s about all for now.

Elder Webber 

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