Sunday, July 12, 2015

Feel The Spirit...

Well so much is going on I dont really know where to start. This week was all pretty normal and Virginia is still smoking one or two cigarretes a day. Its frustrating because she has come so far and now she is stuck on just one or two a day. We´ll see if she gets better this week. I got to do some divisions with one of the elders in our zone this week, really I´m not sure if it was this week or last week, but whatever. I went with an elder Brumble from Salt Lake. Hard core Utah fan, trying to convince me to switch to Utah. He´s got some good points, but it takes more than a young buck elder to trick ole Elder Webber. haha. This friday we woke up at about 330 to go to the mission leadership council in Carrasco. Its always so good to go and see the other zone leaders, most of my group from the MTC are there and its good to see how they are doing. This months council we had Elder Cabrera from the 7th Quorom of the seventy. He is an inspired man. So is president. He always give us council and that always ends up being exactly the thing we need during the following month. It was good to be there with Elder Cabrera, he participated in almost all the aspects of the council including setting goals and giving report of the last month. Sooo much revelation and knowledge that we would have to give to our zone. This sunday we also got a new ward mission leader because the last one didn´t really know what to do and is kinda old and cant really come out and work with us. Soo we got a brand new returned missionary, and he told us that we had better be doing our excersizes because we´re gunna need some strong arms to stand all the baptizing that this ward is gunna be doing. hahahaah oh....I am doing my excersizes. Yesterday we had a big multi zone activity and so that´s why I´m writing tuesday. And today we had the zone conference. Mayber I was feeling alittle selfish, but it has been ages since I have given a good hands-on training with my missionaries so I decided to take a half an hour or so to do what we call "workshops" where I basically get alittle time to talk to my zone about what I feel like they need. I love doing meetings and conferences. I just get to pray, and get revelation and I always end up feeling the spirit. I decided to talk about giving report and responsiblity. I felt like that is what we needed. We´ll see how things go. 

I got into a routine here with my companion for these last couple weeks, just working and I think we started to loose the real reason and start to just go through the motions. Luckily we caught on, really I realized this week, EVERYTHING has to be done with love and the spirit. The people know, the spirit knows, when we are doing something without real intentions, you gotta find the way to really love them. President told me about the "as if" principle. He said, if you feel the spirit but you´re not sure that your companion is just keep teaching "as if" he did. I put that to practice this week and really saw the difference. It was a marking moment in my mission for sure.

I got the patches! already traded them with the scout. Some of them. And the leaves came too!  Already sent those out to some of "my" converts. So thanks.

I also got an email from the ward, some ward activity. So you´ll have thank the person who sent those scans of the letters and that participated. 

Thanks, that´s all for now.

elder Webber

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