Thursday, July 23, 2015

A "Pretty Normal" Week....

This week was pretty normal. Not a whole lot going on. The members are really getting on board, thanks to the Ward Mission Leader. I dont know why, but when he asks them for friends to visit they just start pulling out lists of their best friends, but nooooo we gotta use a pry-bar to try to get a name or two out of em. Oh well, but now we´re getting lots of referrals from the members and we´re really excited for this week. This week we were invited to sing in a missionary choir in one of the wards, which was a fun experience. Really, the highlight of this week was when a member asked us to go to the hospital to bless her son who was in an accident on his motorbike. Got hit by a bus. This is what went down, we got to the hospital and we had to go through a kind of security check with ID and everything, escorted by a doctor, then we had to take off our bags and our jackets and watches and rings, wash our hands up past the wrists, put on this surgical bibs, masks, and gloves and then they let us into the south american version of "intensive care". It was like steppìng into some horror film. Maybe 6 or 7 pacients all in one big room, all of them groaning from pain and twitching in thier beds. We made our way to the back corner and into a smaller room. The mother told us that he was "getting better". If he´s better now, I dont even want to know how he was before. To use the medical term, I would say he is indeed a "vegetable". But he could still feel pain, because he was groaning and crying and sweating alot. We weren´t allowed to touch anything so we were walking around with our hands in the air like doctors. My companion on one side of the bed and I was on the other, and we gave him a blessing. It was a very spiritual experience. Even though he couldn´t talk or express his feelings, we could feel the peace and comfort that it brought to him in his hour of need. Then we did the whole process in reverse, undress, throw the gloves, the mask, and the bib away, wash our hands and through security again. We´ve been struggling with Virginia, this week she told us that she thought that she cant keep the sabath day holy. Ugh.... We´re thinking about dropping her as an investigator. We dont have a whole lot of time to waste. 

Anyways, this is the last week of the change, then next week I´ll probably have a new companion. 

Well, good luck to the benji, I´ll have to send him a tie to africa when I get back. THE TIE. That was given to me by josh which was given to him by aaron, which he got from a long line of missionaries in brazil. 

Elder Webber

We made Zone T-shirts. I didnt bring my camera but I´ll send some photos next week of what we did today for our zone activity. Cerro del Toro. Hill of the Bull. Its s spring/fountain that is a giant bull and if you drink from its mouth its supposed to be good luck.

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