Monday, September 21, 2015

Walked 12 miles...

sounds like bunches of good stuff going on back home. This week was pretty hectic. Preparation for the multi-zone conference on thursday started early tuesday morning. We knew we would be walking allllll over the city of Maldonado buying stuff and making orders, so we grabbed my ipod that mom sent, that has an application on it called nike-plus. Its supposed to track how much you walk, like your steps then it takes your height and calculates how far you walk. So we turned it on and put in my pocket and went out. We didn´t sit down once the whole day, except for lunch. Ugh it was tough one physically. We took out half of the money, about 7000 pesos because there is a daily limit on the machines here. So we were able to buy all the stuff that we needed to before hand. At the end of the day, we take out the ipod and it says that we had walked 12 miles. I dont know how accurate that is. I hope its over, because that´s pretty ridiculous. haha. Thursday morning rolls around and we are making our way into the center of maldonado for some last minute prep for the conference. We still had about 6000 pesos in my account to take out. So we go and try and the machine goes all wonky and says "take your money" but no money comes out and then the screen tells us that it cant process our request. Well..... there goes 6000 pesos.... we still have about 3000 left over from the other day but we still need about 6000 more for the burgers. This is where it got interesting, I have been keeping a really tight budget for the last year and half and I´ve managed to save up about 7000 pesos that I was planning on spending on pizza and junk food my last couple months. So I grab that dough from the house and payed for the burgers with that. I´m sure the offices will pay me back. I hope so. In the end, big success. Everybody was happy, and we even had to get some gluten free junk for some missionaries who like to complicate things. Other than the conference we had a few lessons with Luana. She´s progressing pretty nicely. We talked to her about having a lesson with her mom to see if we can get her involved as well. We taught the ten commandments this week with a focus on the sabbath day and the law of chastity. she´s inteligent so that lesson was pretty easy. Ignacio still isn´t going anywhere with his marriage. We told them to fast this weekend and that we would be fasting with them. They came to church fasting and so did we, so we´ll have a lesson with them maybe tomorrow to see how things are. That´s about it for now. Maldonado is all good. 

Elder Webber

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