Monday, September 28, 2015

Gettin' "Swoll"...

Even the Uruguayos are watching alittle bit of the world cup down here. So every once in a while I´ll get an update. Even if they dont know anything and their info is totally wrong. Like New Zealand losing to Japan. I hope that´s not true. haha. I think it was australia or south africa who lost? I dont know. That just shows the quality of info that I´m getting. ughhh. oh well. Sounds all good at home. I remember when I was going to BYU for josh and I had that astronomy class the teacher talked about the eclipse, and I remember thinking, hmmm yeah I´m not going to be here for that. long time ago. 

Anyways. This week was pretty normal. Nothing new really. We´re just teaching Luana all of the lessons, this week we covered tithing and the word of wisdom. No problems there. If she keeps progressing like she is she´ll be baptized mid-october. After general conference. The only thing that could stop that would be her family. Ignacio is doing well. He wants to get married and baptized just his wife doesnt want to. Ugh so complicated. So she fasted this last week and had an interview with the bishop. She said she dreamed a dream, or in other words saw a vision (1 nefi 8 haha) that she was married. Well of course! what do you think? that God is going to tell you to keep living in sin? duhhhh. We already knew that she would get an answer so now is the time to strike. This week we´re going in strong and getting them started. 

It rained most of this week, which made things hard, and I ended up getting sick on thursday just in time for divisions that we had with one of our district leaders. Ugh. Just a sore throat. Its just bothersome, because I can still work, but can´t speak. Sooooo I feel like just dead weight, spending my time and energy just walking around acompanying my companion. But I got my voice back sunday so I´m back in the game baby! 

During the sacrement the bishop sent his messanger to tell me to give a talk in the meeting. Ive actually been secretly hoping that they would surprise call on me. Ive been reading and thinking about that talk I have for my homecoming talk and it was a good practice run, even though it was in spanish. Good stuff. A member gave us that home made bar bell weight last week, a rebar with two blocks of cement on it, to work out. Getting big. Some of the perks of being in the richest city in uruguay is that we have most of the first-world comforts. Dry cleaners, fast food, and we recently discovered a small gym in our area. 50 pesos for a day pass. That´s about a dollar fity. So guess who´s going to get swoll today after we clean our house. 

That´s about it for now, this next week is going to be pretty hectic. But thats better. Keeps my mind focused. 

Elder Webber

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