Monday, October 5, 2015

Time's Winding Down But Zach's not...

ahh what schmeags england. haha oh well. Sounds like a fun trip. I haven´t heard too much about the world cup this week. With so much stuff to do this week we had hardly any time to do anything really. This wednesday we got up early and headed off to montevideo for the leadership council. My last one... so all the missionaries who are going home this change gave thier "testimonio del valiente" just our last testimony to the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders. That was pretty rough.  We only had thursday to prepare all of the information and plans for zone conference so that was a pretty busy day. Zone conference was good, the zone is great, of course we have a few problems or difficulties but that´s normal. This whole week I was just anxious for general conference. Just recieving revelation like a mad man. ahhh so nice. I wish I could just summerize all the stuff I learned but that would take too  long. We also helped a drunkard man who crashed his motorbike outside the stake center. He was pretty crazy, we all got a good laugh out of that. Luana showed up with a friend, its just a race against time here. Her mom has the baptismal form and just needs to sign it and that´s basically it. We´ll just dunk her in the water. Luana is feeling pretty good with what we are teaching her. We had a REALLY spiritual lesson with her this week. Lemme tell ya. We started the lesson like normal and started to review the restauration of the gospel because we figured she could use some strengthening in her testimony of Jose Smith. But we felt something wasn´t right, "descerning" her thoughts and observing that she wasn´t ok we asked what´s up. she said she was fine, but we knew she wasn´t. So we asked again and she broke down. She hadn´t been living the commandments as well as she knew she should have, especially after we had taught her them. Specifically she was having trouble with the law of chastity. Now its gets tricky as missionaries because we want to help them according to their needs, but we cannot have people confessing their sins to us. That´s not our job. So we got the information we needed including how she felt and what she understood about repentance and we reviewed the atonement of Jesus Christ and baptism. I can say that it was the most spiritual talk about the law of chastity I have ever seen. We´ll see what her mom says about baptism and then we´ll do everything we can to get her dunked before I go. 
This week was crazy, too much zone leader junk. Sometimes I wish I could just leave all that and just work. Luckily, these next couple weeks dont have too much to keep us out of our area. that´s about it for now. I think.
Elder Webber
zone photo. 

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