Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Fitting Conclusion... And He's on His Way HOME...

What a crazy week, but I´ll have time to talk about that later. Thank you for all the birthday wishes as well.

Really I just want to share my testimony that I know the church is true. It was restored by Joseph Smith, a true prophet called of God. He translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God and the priesthood is real and governs the church today on the earth. I know there is power in prayer and that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants each one of us to return to live with him and his son Jesus Christ, who died to save us all. We can become clean through his atoning sacrifice. 

I loved being a missionary for these two years, I´m happy with what I´ve done, who I am and what I have to do now and in the future. I not only have the truth and know the truth, but I really love the truth. 

Thank you everybody for helping me and supporting me in these two years. 

Love you all, see you soon,

Elder Webber

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