Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Old Area Visit...

Thanks for the emails and the advice, and sorry for not writting yesterday. 
Lemme tell ya what happened. So one of our last two p-days we are allowed to travel anywhere within two hours of our area to visit prior areas or other things. So I decided to go back to El Pinar. Where I started the mission. About an hour and fifteen away. Ughhh. That was pretty hard. Obviously I was excited and happy to see all the members and converts there, but I was pretty sad that I was only there to say goodbye... I was surprised that everybody still remembered me, even some old investigators I visited. I´ll have to show you all the photos and explain stuff in a a week or so. Its too much to write into one email. I´m just really grateful for that oppurtunity to visit them and to see how they´re all doing. Mirta, the first person I baptized is still going really strong. She´s such a saint. I also recieved news that Felix, an old man I baptized in Bella Italia died this last week. That kind of put a damper on everything, but we all know where he is, he was a champion. Also, Santiago, an investigator I was teaching in Bella Italia got baptized and the missionaries there sent me a photo. That was nice. This week was pretty rough, lots of rain, pretty cold and Luana´s family is against her getting baptized. Soooo that is more than likely going to have to wait a while. Which is a bummer. But I hope to get some news over email or something like that saying that she was baptized. All in the Lords time. Well that´s about all for now. 

Elder Webber

photos of Mirta, and last p-day when a member invited us to go play tennis with them. 

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