Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Zone and Burnng Soccer Balls?

Well so much happened this week. I don´t even remember it all. I guess tuesday was p day so I just spent the whole day packing up. We went around in the afternoon to say goodbye to a few converts and members. The change bus came around at about 7 in the morning so I had to be outside waiting at 630. Changes were crazy as always. Even more so this time because I was given the responsibility of making sure that all of the bags of changing missionaries were out of our bus and the missionaries coming to our zone had their bags put into the correct bus. Elder Rodrigues gave me a hand full of papers that he said I had to read. Including a few rosters and schedules and information about the zone. I finally managed to get everybody on the bus and a moment to read my zone leader packet which tells me how to be a zone leader and my specific responsibilites. The bus ride lasted about 4 hours into the middle of nowhere. Triente y tres. 
I got there wednesday night and thursday morning we had a mini zone conference which had to be prepared that night and the following morning. A third of zone lives too far away to come to anything that isn´t a big zone conference so we did it without them. We have a great zone and we think we will have a lot of success. The area is great, the house is dirty and the companion is the same as he was the last 2 times we were together. 
We have a few potential baptisms coming up for this weekend if we can pull it all off. One is called Luis Alberto. He is so funny. He laughs at everything and his laugh is ridiculous. He isn´t the most wealthy guy on the block so the missionaries who were here before gave him a shirt and a tie and he showed up church on sunday looking like an executive. ohhh yeah. He felt so good. The only problem is that he smokes. So we are going to do everything we can to help him quit. He has already made a lot of progress. 
I really like this area so far. I can really see myself staying for a while. Tonight we have to get up at 1 in the morning to travel to montevideo to have the mission council. Which is president his assistents and all the zone leaders from the 13 zones in the mission. I´m excited to see how this all goes down. 
Well that´s about it for now. Just burning hot, we spent a few hours today playing soccer. I cant wait until the millenium and all the soccer balls are burned. A waste of time. 

Elder Webber

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