Monday, January 12, 2015


This week was busy. I don´t think I´ve been this tired since I first got here. Monday night we went to bed at 1030 like always and we had to wake up at 1130 to catch a bus. A good hour of sleep and we were off into the city to find our way to montevideo. We bought some bus tickets that were about 50 dollars a round trip. And the bus ride lasted from about 1 in the morning until 630. We got off in a shopping mall/buss terminal called Tres Cruzes. Three crosses. Its the biggest in Uruguay. Luckily, both me and my companion know Montevideo pretty well because we were there together and we knew which bus would take us to Carrasco. Good ole Carrasco my old area. I do not miss it. The mission council started at about 9 in the morning and lasted until 5 in the afternoon. With breakfast and lunch of course. But it was loooooong. Important but loooong. Just setting goals and making plans for the mission. We also got a sneak peak at the "meet the mormons" movie. Pretty neat. Then we had to find our way back to 33. We got home around midnight and got to sleep around 1 and had to wake up at 630 like normal the next day. It was rough. Especially because we had to do my first zone Conference. I really liked it. I feel like it went well. Just enough love with the right amount of cane to make sure they stay obedient and working hard. Our zone has 24 missionaries and it is really hard to keep track of how they are working especially now that we have so few numbers. We have nothing to see their progress, we just have to trust what they say and wait for them to baptize. Sacred Saturday came around, sacred because it is the day we spend the whole day going by everybody to invite them to church and making plans for that. If they don´t come to church, they dont get baptized. We had a good few in church. We have sooo many potentials in this area, with alittle time and some work me and my old working companion elder Rodriguez should have a good amount of succes. We hear a lot of portugese here. We were even with some members in a house and one offered us some cake that looked alittle funky so I asked what it was and she said something that sounded like "a bok a shee" abacayi. I think. It sounded so familiar so I tried it and sure enough. Pine apple. It sounded familiar from Tucanos. The grilled pineapple. Yup. As zone leaders we are giving the responsibility to go around with the stake president to give capatication to the bishops about the new initiative. We´ve been doing alittle traveling this week but next week we should be going up to Chuy, a city that is half uruguay and half brazil. That should be interesting. 

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