Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Great Discussion...

Well anyways, this week was up and down and everything. It didn´t start too well, last monday after I wrote you guys we got a call from the secrataries asking where we were. What do you mean? We are in 33 like we always are. Oh, because right not we are having a zone leader coucil with Elder Viñas from the quorom of the 70 here in montevideo. Ughhhhh...... Nobody told us anything. So we missed that oppurtunity to learn from a 70 in a small group of elders so that we could really get some personal interaction. I feel bad because I got alittle upset with the secretaries and they just said that it wasn´t their fault that they had nothing to do with it. So when the assistants to the president called I was pretty ready to ¨drop the cane¨ as they here in Uruguay. But they recognized that it was their fault and asked forgiveness for their lack of organization. O.K. Fine, I forgive you. We did get to have a multi-zone conference with elder Viñas the next day and he breifly reviewed more or less what they went over in the mission council. He knows his scriptures and told us basically that right now in the world we are just baptizing future less active members and apostates. We learned alot. I did an intercambio with one of the elders here in our zone, he´s been giving us some problems with the members and leaders, we had to sit down and just talk alittle. I dont enjoy doing it, but it has to be done. This friday we went in the morning to teach Susana, a woman we found a couple weeks ago and she basically taught herself.

¨What is a prophet?¨she started
so we taught her.
¨and then Jesus came right?¨
yup, so we taught her that.
¨wait what happened to this so called church he set up?¨
well if you´ll give a minute we´ll explain. so we did. 
¨so we need to see some kind of restauracion of the true church then¨
well about the year 1820....
¨can´t I just pray and find out if its true too?¨
yes you can. 
¨right now?¨
yeah I have faith. lets do it now. 

That´s the watered down version of our lesson. she started praying and didn´t even make it past ¨our dear Heavenly Father¨ before she started crying. She said she would come to church. Then saturday we went to another investigators house who has some kind of cholesterol build-up in her leg veins so she can´t really walk, well we figured we would give her a blessing, in which we said that she would be able to walk to church the next day. She said she was feeling alot better afterwards but then satan had to come in and ruin everything and send some close relatives to visit her and keep her from coming to church.

In the end we had a good 3 investigators in church. They should be getting baptized pretty soon. We´ll see how it all turns out. That´s about it for now. 

Elder Webber 

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