Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Having Fun and Working Hard

Well well, bunches of stuffs happening back home. I didn´t get any pin of uruguay. We´re actually not allowed to wear pins here. I dont know why, just a weird rule. 
This week was good. A good solid week to just work in our area without traveling or anything. We live with one of our district leaders and he was asking, well more like begging to do some exchanges this week because him and his companion don´t get along, nope. Too bad so sad. You two can go and talk about it. It´s gotten pretty bad their situation, they dont even want to be together on p-day. Its been pretty rough with them. 
Its weird that my companion is going home tomorrow. He´s finishing his mission. Its even weirder that I was his companion more than a year ago when I was brand new and he had barely made a year. Going home was less than a dream for him then and now its his reality. We used to joke and talk about it at times a year ago, but as the weeks went by this transfer I could tell he started to feel diferently about it. Last night when the changes came in and we went to print them off he got pretty sad, this are the last changes that he will ever get. He didn´t really want to talk to much last night. But anyways, he ended well. 
There is a sister in our ward, Hermana Gomez. She always comes to church but always comes alone. We got to know her and her family and they are sooooo awesome. She is always giving us food, and coming out to visit families with us and giving us advice. Anyways, long story short, we ended up reactivating her whole family which was super awesome and now they are coming every sunday to church. After they got re-activated she told us that she has a grandkid, Matheus, who wanted to be baptized. He was 8. He is sooooo smart. It wouldn´t count as a convert baptism and we knew it but she asked us to teach him all the lessons and commandments. So we did. It was just a ward baptism because he is the son of a member and is 8 but it was super spiritual. Just the whole reactivation and the baptism and now they are all super happy and the boyfriend of the daughter told us yesterday that he wants to be baptized too after vacations end. Yessss. So we had his baptism this sunday after church and my companion got to baptize him and we did the comfirmation afterwards. 
This week we also said goodbye to Daniel and Stell for rodriguez because we wont be able to see them today. We went to their house and they said they were just getting ready to go down to the beach by the river and sit around the fire with their family so they invited us. We went down and it was bitter sweet. Sitting around with them sharing food and also having to say goodbye to rodriguez. Daniel´s son, Anthony was sitting by me and we had maybe 30 minutes and he told us like, hey lets go fishing. So me and him and my companion grabbed the rods and it was night time and ran to the river to fish. Oh yeah. Didn´t catch much because we only had maybe 20 minutes but we had fun doing it. 
The changes came in last night like I said and my new companion is Elder Ashcraft. from idaho I think. I´m going to be training him as a new zone leader. I know him pretty well, and I think we will get along great. I´m not so happy about our zone though, I dont know. sometimes I think they just throw the people they dont want out here in 33 and let us deal with them. haha that´s mean, but its true. 
We are going to have to do alot of "dropping the cane" bajando la caña. I dont know how to say that in english I thiknk it would be chastising. But oh well. We´ll see how it it. Well, I think that´s all for now. I´ll try to include some photos. 

Elder Webber

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