Monday, March 30, 2015

Working hard....

Sounds all good at home with rugby and highschool. This week went by really fast, we said goodbye to everybody here tuesday night and then we went to changes. Elder Rodriguez was really ok until we got to the chapel there in montevideo. He got pretty lost, there´s a whole ruitine that we always do when get there, but now that he wasn´t zone leader he just kinda had to sit around and wait for someone to tell him what to do. I found my new companion, he´s a boss. 
Elder Ashcraft from idaho, nampa I think. I´ll have to ask him his address I´m not sure what it is. We get along pretty well and we started working straight away. We work well together, of course it takes a few days to get the wrinkles out but now we are running smooth like a well oiled gospel-preaching machine. oh yeah. We went to go visit that woman we found a few weeks ago and who we gave a blessing too because her feet were super nasty, all covered with nasty sores and scabs. Its actually a pretty comon disease down here, even our bishop has it. You get from walking around without your shoes on in the mud and some weird fungus grows on you and makes these big sores. I told you a while back how she was doing alot better and walking around but now she is almost totaly healed, which is fantastic and she recognizes it as a miracle. So we are pretty sure that she will be getting baptized in the next coming month or so. 
This friday night my companion got really really sick. Vomited almost the whole night with a serious case of the runs. Saturday he was still really sick so we had to stay inside. Ughhh its the worst staying in that house for so long. Clean the kitchen, clean my room, read some scriptures, update the area book.... that´s a good two hours and then we had like 8 more to just wait. So we listened to like 50 general conference talks and talked about doctrine. 
This week is called Semana Santa, holy week, and nobody works and they go on vacation. Its already getting pretty bad here, but I´m really looking forward to general conference. Because we have been asigned as ward secrataries we get to look over the ward list. 
We were looking and we discovered that there is a Seventy that lives in our area. So yeah, we went and found him yesterday. It was pretty sad, he came out, and told us he was never thinking about coming back to the church and that it was just his decision and his way of life. An inactive seventy. The calling seventy was a stake calling, I guess, a long time ago. We´ll see what we can do. Tomorrow we have to travel to montevideo again to go to the council and we were told that an apostle is going to come and speak to us this month, but they didn´t tell us which one. I´m pretty excited, we´re all praying for holland or Uchtdorf. haha no we´ll be happy with any general authority.
I think that´s about it for now. Thanks!
Elder Webber

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