Monday, April 6, 2015

STILL working hard,... And having fun

Thanks for all the advice and such. It is indeed well needed. This week was good. I´m trying to remember, this week so much happened. This last monday night we woke up at 2 in the morning to catch the bus to montevideo like we do every beginning of the month for the leadership council. It was good,lots of good information, but no big changes in the mission or plans. The changes that were made in past councils have really put a heavy load on the mission. 
All of the zones are fighting to even reach half of the number of converts that were getting last year. President and his assistants had alot to say about consecration. It will always be a big topic in the mission feild. Missionaries who just go through the motions or even actively rebelious to leaders and mission plans. We know that we are blessed for obedience, so why dont we all do it? ugh. So we got back and worked until friday which is when we had our zone conference. This whole semana santa was pretty difficult. All the shops close down, the busses too, makes missionary work fairly hard. We had our zone conference and focused mostly on exact obedience and consecration. I feel like the missionaries really needed and need that right now. The problem is that as missionaries we get so spiritual in meeting and then we walk out the door and return to our old ways. 
So we tried mixing it up alittle bit. Applying an idea that we had, "give trouble responsibility" So we assigned different companionships to give workshops on different topics that the zone is struggling with. In the end we read the account of the anti-nephi-lehi people and we had printed off and taped to the bottom of their chairs little tiny swords. We gave them all a few minutes to write down on the swords what their "weapon of war" was and then we all went outside to go burry the swords in a small whole we had dug the day before. It was pretty funny and we all enjoyed it, but after the laughs we had to talk seriously. Changes had to be made and promises kept. I feel like it was pretty changing, hopefully we will see a difference. 
Conference was fantastic, of course there were a few problems with some chapels getting the feed, and for some reason everybody thinks that me and my companion are tech guys. Uhhhhh yeah, just call your bishop. was the usual answer. 
But we all enjoyed conference. We got a text message from president asking about some elders in particular and his concern for them, we are really just trying to hold it all together here and get the best we can. We held a little mini testimony meeting after the sunday sessions to try to really apply what we´ve learned in the conference. I hope things get better in the zone. But me and my companion are doing great, we get along great, like the same things and are both focused and have the same ideas of how the work should be done. I
´m really enjoying being here with elder Ashcraft. He´s really inteligent and has some really good ideas. His grandpa is a seventy so we got to see him on the t.v. and everything. Good fun, good fun. good easter. 

Well that´s about it for now. I´ll let you know if that package comes, but thanks!!

Elder Webber

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