Monday, April 20, 2015

Flat Stanley Visits

 This week was pretty interesting. We are still teaching Diego because he is having trouble getting to church sundays. We are trying to do lessions in the church so that he gets used to just coming but that´s hard too. This last week his uncle died. I dont know if I told you guys but his aunt died last week too. So two family deaths and they were totally unrelated. Kinda crazy. The family is really close down here, uncles and aunts and all that all live relativly close to eachother, so when one dies, everybody gets pretty sad. But we´ll be working with him this week to see if we can help him some more. 
This week we did some intercambios with one of our district leaders, elder Concepcion. From peru. I went with him to his area. We´ve been having troubles with him and his companion and the elders who live in the same house. But of course everybody is on their best behavior when we´re around. Ughhh. So I just let him know that we trust him and that he needs to be an example to his companion who he is training and all that. He said not to worry and that we could trust him. I guess president is pretty concerned about them as well because we got a call from the assistants saying that they wanted us to go over early morning and see if they woke up on time at 630. Well we did. We got up alittle before 6, got the shirt and tie on and walked half an hour to get to their house. The new missionary who is being trained opened the door for us and the house was still dark. 635 and we decided to sit and wait. 640....645.... well that gives them 15 minutes so they cant use the "oh I was just praying" excuse. The lights come on and the cane came down. There´s just no room for disobedience. Of course we use the pattern in DnC 121: 43-46 so that they dont esteem us to be their enemies. Its always alittle awkward having to do stuff like that, nobody likes it but we have to, especially when we are specifically asked to. 
Anyways, this week we also threw a big activity in the church. A few weeks ago we got a copy of "meet the mormons" from president to use in activities. only 10 copies in all of Uruguay! haha so we did a big premier with a theater-like set up and projector and everything. It was legit. We had maybe 100 or so people show up, it was pretty cool. Hopefully we see some references or something from that. Anyways, thats about it for now. Thanks for the packages and stuff. The offices are just lazy. oh well. 

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