Monday, April 27, 2015

Working VERY Hard...

 got my scripture covers! they´re super legit. There is a guy here who makes leather scripture covers too, but I didn´t get any and these ones are way better than the ones he makes ohhhh yeah. 
We also had our run in with two 70´s down here. 
This week was pretty crazy. So tuesday we got on a bus as a zone and went down to montevideo, but the other mission side of montevideo to have our conference with Elder Oaks, Elder Viñas and an area 70. Pretty powerful conference. Elder Oaks talked to us about how to be an instrument in the lords hands. He´s an inspired man. After the conference I got on a different but because I would be doing an intercambio with one of our district leaders who is working in Lascano. So we took a bus from montevideo to Rocha, which is like 7 hours, then from Rocha to Chuy which was like 3 hours. We got to chuy around midnight and slept until 5 and caught a bus from Chuy to Lascano which is like 2 more hours. So I pretty tired, but we had work to do and I had to do a baptismal interview. So we worked that day and we couldn´t find the guy to do his interview. He didn´t show up to the church for his interview so we went to where he lives. He is like 70 something, so he lives in an old folks home. He wasn´t there. So we said a prayer and sure enough, we found him in the street about a half an hour later. We did his interview and went back home. 
When we got to the house, we found that the water had been shut off. Oh well, that was ok because I was supposed to be traveling towards my home in the morning anyways. But we got a call at 5 in the morning from my companion saying that they missed the bus. Ugh. 
Ok, so I´ll stay the whole day thursday until about 6 working until they got there. I didn´t have a change of clothes or socks and hadn´t showered since tuesday morning. So we took advantage of the time and filled up the baptismal font for that afternoons baptism. My companion showed up finally and we went back home. We got home just in time to verify with the district leaders and sleep. 
It was a long couple of days. Not much more happened this week, but this next week we have the leadership council in montevideo so we will have to get up early tomorrow morning to leave for that. I´m pretty excited, the mission is struggling and president is going to have a lot of changes for us. 

That´s about it for now, 

Elder Webber

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