Monday, March 16, 2015

Went to the temple...

Well, I dont have a whole lot of time, usually we have more time but right now   I´m in chuy again so we gotta get goin if we want to catch the bus home to 33. This week was nutty. Even more stuff to do. Monday was normal and so was tuesday until about 3 in the afternoon when the whole zone came to our church so that we could take a bus to montevideo. I swear, sometimes trying to get 22 missionaries to show up ontime and get on the bus is like herding cats. Ugh. Well we finally showed up to the temple tuesday night at about 9 and nobody was there to greet us like we were told. So I figured, well we´ll just do it ourselves. So we went to the hotel thing that is there by the temple that is owned by the church and we checked us in for the night. More organizing and assigning room captains and stuff like that. Trying to choose the most mature of the groups to be the captains. Finally at about 10 the secretaries showed up with some sandwhiches and then we went to bed. We still didn´t know anything, except for the fact that we would have a conference that day and we would go to the temple afterwards. No idea for breakfast or what times so we just woke everybody up at 630, (we kept a copy of the keys to all the rooms) and we studied while we waited for instructions. The assistants called us and told us to go to the church where there was breakfast and where we would start the interviews with president. So there were two groups, half the zone and half the zone. The first half, lead by my companion went to the temple while my half had their interviews and the conference. I had to organize the interviews and make sure there was always somebody waiting outside presidents office to be interviewed. That wasn´t too hard but I missed a lot of the conference. Then it was our turn to go to the temple and I was the last one for the interview. Man, president is an inspired man. Some super awesome doctrine he shared and he let me know that the zone feels like their zone leaders love them. So that´s good, that makes me feel like I´m doing my job pretty well. President seemed pretty happy with how we were doing. Anyways, these last couple of weeks, president has told us to do some family history work for ourselves, so I searched and searched and searched on my tree and finally found somebody who had all the information and was ready to go to the temple. So I printed off the barcode thing and took that to the temple with me. I showed up late to the temple because I was last so I really had to run and change quickly and jump into the baptism with another elder, elder Carroll from arizona. He baptized me for my ancestor and I baptized him for his ancestors then we hopped out and confirmed eachother right there and then. Then we did all the ordinances up to sealing because we can´t do sealings as missionaries. It was so cool doing temple work for an ancestor. That was the first time I´ve actually done that for someone in my tree I think. Super cool. We sent the zone home in a bus and we went to the offices so my companion could take an english test. I think he did well, we´ll probably find out today. Then we caught a bus, but not back to 33, but to Chuy! We got in chuy at about 4 in the morning thursday. The elders had given us their keys and we gave them ours because they would be stopping in 33. So we got to their house before them and slept there until they got there. I did an interview before lunch and then we spent money, like I always do when I´m in chuy. That brazillian stuff, tempting. Anyways, we got back to 33 late thursday night and worked normal from then until sunday. We only had those couple days to work in our area, but we have new potential investigators. One is the husband of one of the firmest members here. He is straight gaucho. That´s like cowboy. He is legit. He has had all of the lessons before from other missionaries but never wanted to come to church because he is a pretty timid guy. We´ll get him. Anyways, today we had a zone activity here in chuy, it is so hot, really the zone just wanted a reason to come and see brazil. We were pretty stuborn these last 6 weeks and denied all the requests to go on P days. Finally we figured we would give them the day here, but they gotta be back working in their area before 6 in the afternoon. So that´s why I´m in a rush to write this. 

Elder Webber

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