Monday, August 3, 2015

A New Companion...

This week flew by. Tuesday my ex companion said goodbye to all of the people here and we woke up early to go to changes in montevideo. This change was good. A good six weeks with great missionaries in the zone. 
At the meeting at changes we talked alot about the things we lost when the mission changed about six months ago. The biggest lost factor would be urgency. We watched this movie called "a new day for the book of mormon" the book is so true. Its ridiculous. If you can find the movie online or something I would invite you all to watch it. its only like 45 minutes long. That might be the thing I really learned these last six weeks during my personal study. How really true the book it. I cant even describe it. 
Well I found my companion, he´s a young gun, just got about a year. That´s pretty young for a zone leader here in uruguay. But he is wise for his age. From Idaho, he loves potatoes, eats them almost everyday. We get along great, today in the morning we did an "asado" which is like a urugay bbq. It turned out really good. I´m excited to get to train another zone leader and to stay here. 
We basically dropped all of our investigators except for a few, because they weren´t progressing. This sunday it rained, which didn´t help at all, if even one little drop falls from the sky half of the ward doesn´t show up. (we had 164 in church last week and this week we had 86) So we decided we are going to be spending ALOT of time up in the little town called hipodromo. We think that is where the Lord wants us to go now. Not a whole lot more happened this week. This next week is going to fly by. 
Lots to do, actually, these next 6 weeks are jam packed with activities, conferences, councils, and trips. I´m really excited. That´s about all I got for now. More a week of logistics and junk, and this next week will be like that too, but we will have more time to work in our area at least. 

But thanks, love you all,
Elder Webber

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