Monday, August 31, 2015

Follow The Spirit

I swear these weeks just go faster and faster. I don't know what´s up, but someone is cutting hours out of my days. This week we worked all week, no interruptions or anything of the sort, just good ole hard work. Tuesday we did a ward missionary activity and we invited President Cook to come and talk to all the youth. My companion and I gave a workshop about how to recognize the spirit. It was good, president was impressed. This week we talked to Ignacio and his family again, he really wants to get married, but his member "wife" doesnt look to keen. But we´re going to be working on that. The lesson that we had with them was legit, and what we call "drop cane". We just pulled out a good ole copy of "the family, a proclamation to the world" and let um have it. There were some parts that we could tell that they were feeling pretty uncomfortable, and their kids too. But the spirit will make you feel uncomfortable when you´re not doing what you´re supposed to, we have to really use these moments to our advantage, when they feel the spirit testifying that they need to change. Spirit doesn´t lie, even when the truth hurts. That´s that. We invited them to pray, we´ll do some follow-up this week. See if we can get this process moving. 

We haven´t had too much contact with Luana, the young mother. I guess she has a pretty complicated schedule. we could only contact her through brief phone calls. We invited her to the stake conference we had and said we would meet her at the church and she didnt give us a very firm answer. So we figured she wasnt coming. Sunday morning, feeling good, saying my prayers, and I feel like I need to go to the church.... Nahh I´m just being crazy.... taking a shower, and I feel the same thing. Nahhh dont be stupid...but I feel it again.. nahhh. So we just went to the stake center and not to our church. 

Have I not learned to just obey the spirit the first time it prompts me?

 I guess not, but I learned my lesson, and luckily God still loves us and decided to throw us a bone. Luana ended up going to our church and waiting for us, luckily some member girls, about Luana´s age went by the church because "they felt like they had to". ahhhhhh knife to the heart. ok ok ok. I learned my lesson, no more being stupid. Anyways, Luana came to stake conference, listened to elder Cook and Elder Hales via satelite. Technically, if we could teach her all the lessons she doesnt have this week, she could be baptized this saturday, buuuuuuuttttt that´ll be pretty hard, so we think probably in a week or two. But changes are next week, we´ll see if I stay or not. oh well.

That´s about it for now, we just got done doing a big zone asado, or bbq. Sooooooo much meat. About 16 pounds of meat. We still have alot of leftovers in the fridge. It was a celebration kinda deal because our zone is the best zone in the whole mission, no doubt, no doubt my mind. haha. Its been a good change with Elder Udy. We´ll see what miracles are waiting for us this week. 

Elder Webber. 

ooh I almost forgot, tell London Lazerson that I know a certain missionary here who has the name of Elder Valenzuela. From chile, I guess he was london´s ward mission leader over there of something. Good guy. 

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