Monday, August 10, 2015

A Temple Visit...

This week was pretty hectic, like it usually is the week of zone conference. I just want more time in my area, doing weekly planning is painfull because I can look out the window and see the people walking by, arggghhhhhh. oh well.  So tuesday we got up nice and early, around 4 430 I think, and took a bus to montevideo. When we got there, we listened to President Cook and also the temple president. It was soooo good. I wish I had time to email everything they said, but that´ll have to just stay locked away in the old noggin. Then we went to the temple, it was a neat experience because we´re all the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders with president in the temple. There´s not very many of us, only about 30 in total, but that´s still a good session full. Good big hug from Pres in the celestial room. Nice. I love the temple, just recieving revelation like crazy. There weren´t any big changes, but we did talk alot about an idea that me and my companion proposed last month, which had to do with increasing the pressure in self-responsibility. Then we came back to our area and had a day to work, although we didn´t get a whole lot done because most of it was spent preparing for our zone conference. A normal thursday and friday we had the zone conference. There was so much information that we had to share and we only about 2 and a half hours. Uhhhhggg. I felt like we were talking way too fast, but we shared a really spiritual message at the end and the sisters cried. (that´s how you know its good haha just kidding). Sunday we didn´t have the success we were hoping for, we didn´t really deserve a whole lot, because we were traveling or doing conferences for half this week, but still. We had a young woman show up. Very young, with a toddler. Waaaaaayyyy too young to have a kid. That´s all I´ll say. We asked if we could go visit her with her family and she gave us an address I didn´t recognize. Which is strange because I´ve been here a while now, we asked our ward mission leader and he took us there last night. Ohhhhhh my goodness. Cantegril. The only way I can describe it is like the favelas in brazil, but urugay version. If we weren´t with our local guide, we would have been swallowed up and spat out by that place. Just crazy. Really humble people, so we´re going to be spending alot more time over there. Basicaly all of our time. My companion is legit, super focused, which helps me alot, also he´s open to some new ideas of mine, (an open air sermon that we´re going to try out in the cantegril) I´m excited. Tomorrow we´re going to the temple again, but this time as a zone. 

Elder Webber

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