Monday, August 24, 2015

Working Hard...

Looks like ben is having a good time in the mtc. Aint no thing but a chicken wing. This week went by so fast. I thought for sure that it would be a longer week because we didn´t have any traveling or conferences planned, but nope. It flew by. I just want more time to work in my area, I feel like we dont have time to teach anybody. Ugh. Well anyways, I did another intercambio with Elder Parmenter this week, he´s from St. George. Such a spiritual guy, really focused too, when we verify with the assistants to the president, they usually ask us who we think could fill the new leadership spots, I said him. If I could choose my district leaders, he´d probably be number one on my list. We´ll see if I get a gift these next changes. The zone is working miracles, so I´m pretty happy. We got this goal for baptisms this month, and it looks like we got a good number for this next month in september. We got the goal relatively early, so the assistants to president called and congratulated us, and then asked if we can baptize more this month. Eeeeeeee... we´ll do our best, but we´re not gunna dunk em if they´re not ready. We had a nice lesson with Luana this week, last week we had a really rushed lesson 3, and this week we wanted to slow it down alittle, and we taught the whole restauration. She has a book of mormon now, that we gave to a member to give to her, and she´s reading it and everything, but stills feels unsecure about being baptized. She was baptized about 6 months ago in a evangelical church and is alittle worried about being condemmed for being baptized twice even though we explained the whole priesthood authority thing and that she wasn´t actually baptized. but she´s alittle stubburn. When they get like that, all you gotta do is invite them to ask God. If God tells us to do something, most people will get right on it. That´s the plan. We also had a lesson with Ignacio this week. He´s the "husband" of a member, but they´re not really married yet. So we invited him to be baptized, he accepted, it was almost too easy, I knew there had to be a catch, he´s been going to church for years, off and on, so I knew there was something stopping him. So I said all casual like, like a fish,

 "well you know what´s stopping you right?" 

and he said he didn´t know. 

"well you gotta get married first, the law of chastity" (he knows everything, so he understood chastity)

"ohhhhhhhh, well, looks like i´m getting married then, but only if my son baptizes me."

"no prob bob," 

Now that´s not an exact translation of the lesson but more or less. So we just need to help him get married now, and prepare his son so baptize his dad. He´s not too fond of the idea, I dont know why, but we´ll find out. The only problem is that the marriage process is a distaster here, so I´ll probably be loooooooonnnnnggg gone before he is married. We´ll see. Maybe I´ll come back for the marriage and baptism. That´d be legit. 

that´s about it for now. just llevandola, as they say down here. Not much more for now. 

Elder Webber

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