Monday, August 17, 2015


This week was, as they say, "bastante complicada". To start out, we had a ZONE trip to the temple. So that´s the second time in two weeks, which never happens, but I´m not complaining. haha. That did, however, take away from our time to work in our area. We dont have any time! Its just falling through our fingers like sand! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it rained. Really really hard. The streets were filling with water and the lower areas by the streets turned into decent sized streams and rivers. It was a weekend of navigating around, trying not to get toooo wet. We went to the ghetto part of the area that we found, but on our way we had to cross a pretty big stream, I made the jump alright, but my companion lost his footing on his take up and fell into waist deep water. He managed to get out, and I managed to get it on video. He´s a good guy though, so he just laughed it off. We were already soaking wet so it didn´t matter too much. We went to the shanty town without our member-guide and we got alittle lost. We wandered around for about half an hour before we found the exit. Its pretty sketchy. I do not wanna be in there after sun-down. 
I dont remember if I told you all, but a while back I had discovered that I had some foot fungus, it was pretty ugly, I bought some foot cream, but it didn´t help much. So I soaked my feet bleach. Good news is that the foot fungus is gone, but thanks to all the rain that we´ve been getting, EVERYTHING in the house is moldy. Even my suits. Ughhhh. I dont really know what to do. Oh well. I feel like the plagues just hit Maldonado. First the foot fungus, then the floods, then the mold, then the ants in the pantry, and Elder Parmenter just found a slug in his oatmeal this morning. Its good to be in maldonado. 
Even though we had a pretty useless week, in terms of weather and time, we had two investigators in church. The young mother, Luana Cindy, and a husband of a member, who I guess isn´t really her husband because they´re married, which means he can´t get baptized. But we´re gunna see what we can do to change that this wednesday. hehe. We talked with Luana after church and invited her to be baptized the first week of september. she said she was already baptized but she accepted the invitations on the terms that if she feels like God wants her to be baptized, she will. Well dont you worry, that answer is coming your way. I´m confident that if she just does what we teach, that is, read and pray. She´ll get her answer. "vamos adelante con fé y el Señor nos ayudará" Lets go forward with faith and the lord will help us. That´s about all for this week. 

Elder Webber

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